Comparison Of The Rich And The Poor!

Did you know that 80 of the richest persons in this world share the same amount of money as 3.5 billion people? There is a huge gap between the distribution of wealth and income in this world. So much so that some of the richest persons in the world are richer than some third world countries. The huge disparity in wealth is the root cause for many of the problems faced in the world today! Here, is a glimpse at the comparison between the rich and the poor!

The rich see rewards but the poor see risks
When it comes to business or earning opportunities, it is natural that the poorer are worried about what will become of their investment, rather than focusing on the reward. Since, they don’t have huge savings and what little they do have, they are afraid to invest it, for the fear of losing the investment. But for the rich business man it will be just another investment. Even if they do fail to earn any rewards as anticipated, most are influential enough to get back their investment and even if they don’t get it back, they have a sound enough financial standing that will not waver their finances!

Necessities and wants
The needs and wants between these two wealth groups is so different that the simple needs and wants differ as well! For a rich person, having a brand new luxury car would be a necessity but at the same time for a poorer person, having a normal second hand car would be a luxury that he cannot afford! Whilst a rich person will be dealing with aircraft sales, a poor person will be dreaming of stepping in to a passenger flight! Even when it comes to food, for the poor it is about filling up their tummy but for the rich it is about the taste and look of the food that matters more!

The kids
The kids have proved to show the most differences when it comes to rich and poor. Speaking in general terms, the rich kids are given comfort that can only be dreamt of by the poor. But it is more of an advantage in later life for the poorer kids as they are able to adjust and compromise on their needs with little or no difficulty at all. However, for the rich kids who have had almost everything in their life, they will find it so much difficult to deal with any compromise they may have to make. This has proven to make the poorer be more successful as adults and achieve more in life independently. But the rich kids have to deal with peers who push them into living a life they are not very content with. Unless they are able to be strong and know when to say no, they will find themselves feeling ashamed for flying in a used aircraft for sale Australia that is privately owned!

One of the most important things to be kept in mind is that although, you may feel having money or not will influence the kids behavior, it must be kept in mind that the parent style is has the hugest impact of how the kids turn out to be! And the disparity between the rich and the poor will continue to grow unless there comes a way to evenly distribute the wealth and income!