Organizing Children’s Day In A Different Aspect And Style

Children’s day belongs to all the children in the world and there will be no selecting or a selection in cast wise, religion wise or race wise. It is a universally recognized day for all the children in the world. Therefore when celebrating this day every child must be counted. Every school around the world celebrates this day by having school dramas, events and event by sharing treats within the school. However many children who are unfortunate to go to a school due to lack of money and knowledge of their parents, do not get the chance to celebrate their day.

Therefore every governmental, non-governmental and international organization has to take steps to celebrate this day with them. They should visit all the rural areas, children’s orphanages and children’s hospitals to celebrate this day providing their needs as much as they can. Once they are planning to organize such events, they should collect funds from the general public as well because they too owe a duty for all the children in the world as they should live as one nation together forever.

There are certain orphanages that have both the parents and the children under one roof. This is because the entire family is abandoned and has no way of generating money to the family. In such a case the whole family is taken for these places. These institutes take the responsibility of the children and even provide education for them. Therefore such organization can come, visit those and spend some time with the children. They can cut a cake, sing songs, take children photography Perth and so on. These photos have to be published in newspapers and magazines to show the world of the new aspect and style of celebrating children’s day.

A family photographer has to be taken with the teams for these events as they can take random and organized shots of the event. They can also go to hospitals and provide the children with the medication they need, provide source of education, build information technology labs or them and so on because every child in the world deserves and equal love and protection. Education is a right that is given for them by the law of that country and it is recognized in human rights as well. Therefore these set of children have to be found and treated in every children’s day as the richer gets a place in the society anyways.No child should be dropped out from love, care and attention.