Painting Tips And Ideas For You

Painting your home or office space regularly is a great way to maintain your house in the perfect condition you would like it to be. Painting regularly is also a very good idea to have a change of the environment that we as humans so often crave. However, if you are opting to painting by yourself, you will need some pro tips to help you out. And luckily for you, we have got some excellent tips and ideas for you to get the job done fast and most importantly perfectly!

Roller Brush

It is better that you use a roller brush rather than a normal hand held brush for the large spaces that need to be painted. Make sure that you use the roller brush properly as it can easily start to drip. Take sufficient paint on to the brush and use an upward to downward motion for the painting. That way if there is any drippings it will be easily erased. Also keep in mind that the roller brush should be washed and dried before storing it away. Only then will you be able to use it again. For the edges and the top don’t use a roller brush. Use the traditional hand held brushes to get a smooth and neat finish.


When choosing the colours for the walls, you may need to do some research beforehand. You can check online for matching colour swatches that will look nice. You can also mix two different paint colours to get a new shade. You do a shaded painting effect by adding different amounts of white to the colours. For the floors if it’s a polished concrete floor then you will need to get a polish colour like red or black for a better set off with the walls.


Once you are done with the painting it is important that you clean properly. You should always lay newspapers on the floors to avoid spilling any paint on the floors. If some paint does get on the floor you can remove the stains immediately using thinner or some alcohol. Simply rubbing the thinner on the best epoxy flooring where the paint has stained it will remove the paint stains off the floor. Also you can use tape for the corners to avoid painting the other surfaces. Click here for more details if you are looking for best epoxy flooring.


Finally, be mindful of the mixture that you use for the painting. You can first paint the walls with a thinner coat of paint before going for a thick consistency of the paint as a second coat. Make sure that the painting mixture is in the correct consistency to avoid it getting too thin or thick. Also make sure if you have different cans of the same paint to pour them all together into a bigger bucket and mix them well. And then pour the required amount of paint on to the tray for the painting. as even the same paint colours can sometimes be of different shades.