Places To Store Your Car For Long Periods Of Time

Cars are normally meant to be driven on a frequent basis, but there are times when this is not doable. You may even have to keep your car parked up for very long periods of time, sometimes totaling a few weeks or even months. Although most people would think that it would be alright to just park your car like you normally do and leave it that way, expect to find more than a few nasty surprises the next time you think about driving it again (or even just start up the engine).
To store cars properly for a long period of time, you need to find a suitable place first of all. Below are some recommendations for locations that are suitable for this purpose. A pretty varied list is given, and you will likely have access to at least one of these locations when necessary:
Your Car Porch
If you have car porch at your home, this is probably the only place where you park your car whenever you don’t use it. Since car porches tend to be covered by a roof most of the time, they can work decently for long-term car storage. If you are concerned about intense sunlight ruining the car’s paintwork, opt to purchase a car cover. Car porches are similar in nature to carports (available for purchase from dedicated carport builders newcastle , which we will be looking at next.

Cantilever Structures
Also known as carports, these are structure specifically made to act as shaded areas where you can safely park your car. Multiple models exist out there, ranging in size from small-scale carports that can accommodate only a single car to larger structures that can comfortably cover five to six cars at once. If you like installing the thing by yourself, you can even order user-friendly diy carport kits Brisbane.

Your Garage
A garage is possibly the safest place you can store your vehicle at home, but you will need to have such a place already built up if you want to do it. You can also repurpose this garage into something more than just a parking space for your car, but make sure you have enough room to accommodate your vehicle.

Self-Storage Units
These days, you can store pretty much anything at residential self-storage units. All you have to do is go to such a facility, rent a suitable amount of space, pack up your goods and leave them for as long as you wish (as long as you will retrieve them before your rental period expires). You can even leave your vehicle at such a facility, and it may be one of the safest places for it if you plan on going far away for a long period of time.