Remodeling Ideas For Your Kitchen Space

Kitchen is the powerhouse of any household and the best way to ensure the maximum efficiency in this part of the house is by designing it in a smart manner that helps arrange everything in a non-obstructive, flowing fashion. If you are a housewife who is planning on remodeling your kitchen area to increase its productivity, here are a few intelligent ideas you might finding interesting.

Open shelving
Open shelving is certainly an option for the housewife who is concerned about maintaining a stylish kitchen. Instead of using upper cabinets, opt for an open shelf or two to keep your gorgeous china or the fancy coffee maker which would in a way decorate the whole space.

Lighter the better
Expert interior designers recommend incorporating light colours when selecting cabinets, colour washing walls and applying wallpapers as this can help make the kitchen area look twice as big. Most people hesitate to use light colours in the cookhouse as they can get discoloured or stained easily. One effective solution for this issue are metallic laminates which provides long-lasting protection from discoloration at a low cost. Also, use glass splash backs over the wall surface behind the sink area.

Add mirrors
Adding mirrors is another great way to make your kitchenette look more spacious and hence, reduce the clutter. Use antique mirrored glasses on cabinet doors, mirrored glass splashbacks Melbourne and on pantry doors. This way you won’t feel cramped up inside the kitchen which will help you enjoy the task of cooking. Check out more information here

Hang whatever you can
Hanging your pots, pans and spoons instead of storing them inside a cupboard will free up a lot of space inside the cooking area. You can use this space to include a few chairs, add an extra counter area or to include another dishwasher if it’s needed.

Alternatives for granite
Most home owners who fancy having granite countertops spend ridiculous amounts of money on purchasing these expensive rocks. Okite is a much cheaper Italian product made from ground quartz that is sustainable and available in about 90 vibrant colours.

Be innovative
Make your cooking area an expression of your creativity by including a few of your own touches. For instance, if there is an unused cabinet at home suitable for the kitchen space, place a butcher block over it and place a couple of soda-fountain stool around them to create your very own, fancy kitchen island. Or, look around the garage for a few old wrenches you don’t use and fix them to kitchen doors or cabinets as handles to give them a unique and stylish look.