Things You Almost Forget To Arrange For Your Wedding Day

The wedding dresses, wedding cake, reception halls and so many big things are in your mind when you are planning for your big day. But there are things that easily slip out of your list though they are really essential. So we are going to update you about a list of such things you should never drop when you are organizing things for your big day. If you have missed these on your own big day, now take a note so you can remind your friends and family when they are ready to tie the knot.

Entrance decorations

When we all pay attention to the wedding hall decorations, we often do not realize the importance of decorating the entrance no matter where your marriage ceremony would be. Keep in mind that first impression matters. Therefore when you design decorations for the rest of your marriage, make sure you do not miss the decoration part of the entrance.

Sign boards

Especially if you are hosting a beach/ garden nuptial you should get done a set of sign boards. As you decide whether you want foil wedding invitations or lacer-cut ones, you should decide which kind of sign boards you want. If you want to keep them as memorabilia, you’d better go for wooden rustic ones. So you can keep them for long.

The guest book

Just like your wedding invites, you should design a nice guest book for your wedding. So your guests can leave their heartiest wishes in writing. This is also another major memorabilia you can cherish on the days when you are nostalgic about your big day. Get a hard cover and quality papers. Do not forget to keep a pen next to your guest book!

Menu cards

Just like any other piece of wedding stationery, wedding menus also are equally important. If you wonder why you should keep wedding menus, we are telling you that your guests would want to know what is there. Whether you are serving a set-menu or a buffet styled one, you should arrange a good menu card for the convenience of your guests.

The cake table

As you pay your total attention to your ceiling high nuptial cake structure, you always forget to arrange your nuptial cake table nicely. It is not enough to have prettily packed wedding cakes, but you should put up some decorations and make your cake table look as good as your cake structure.

Entertainment for kids

We always think of DJ, music and everything else to entertain the guests but we usually do not even consider to arrange some fun games for kids who would come to your wedding. They might get bored and hop in here and there causing troubles. So when you arrange entertainment for them, they won’t tend to finger your nuptial cake and end up with a whole lot of unexpected troubles.