We do so in order to provide the highest level of expertise to our customers. We like to focus on subject matters most arguments and subjects are built on and in doing so we have been able to gather a vast amount of knowledge and understanding which I am sure our customers will benefit from. Our principal lawyers all practice the avenues we represent, that is another reason we have chosen to do so.And also in representing a certain number of areas in law we have been able to make a name for ourselves within the fraternity.

AREAS OF COMMERCIAL LAW WE PRACTICE are Insurance law, Defamation law, Commercial litigation, Professional negligence, Product liability, Corporate governance.THE AVENUES WE REPRESENT CLIENTS IN…Insurance law well includes disputes relating to professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Here we represent any business organization who appears either as the claimants or the insurer while ensuring that there is no conflict of interest. Our firm has great lawyers for insurance claims and legal advice pertaining to same.Professional negligence refers to the level of service a customer expects a firm to execute and disputes occur when the customer faces financial, reputational or any other form of setbacks. Product liability is the law that governs manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others individual or firm who makes products available to the general public.

They most often go hand in hand.Commercial litigation is the area of law that guides partnerships, shareholdings, trusts, contracts, construction law, trade practices etc. and most of our clients seek legal advice during their day to day operations be it opening a new office, signing in a new supplier or drawing up a certain contract or agreement.In today’s day and age we come across many key board heroes who take the liberty to say and do as they please in many social media platforms and unfortunately human nature in such that others give it undue prominence by sharing it and commenting on it. This leads to circumstances that we need to intervene in order to have a fabricated report withdrawn or have an incorrect/negative statement about our client on social media be taken down. In situations such as this we have to act keeping in mind that the reputation of our client is in the line. Lawyers for insurance claims are not mere mediators or negotiators. We certainly arte not. We will always have your best interest at heart and work to give you your money’s worth.